Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You can call me green bean............

We were in the car a few days ago and Chloe said "Hey Mom, will you play my favorite song? You know, the one we heard yesterday on the way to Mamaw and Pa's? The girl says " can call me green bean......oooooh". Doug and I were staring at each other, clueless about which song she was referring to. She continued trying to explain the song. Singing over and over "you can call me green bean........oooooh".  And then I realized she was singing Royals! The song actually says "you can call me queen bee", but we like "you can call me green bean" much better. She screamed "yeah mom! That's it, that's it! Play it!" I told her that I can't just make it play. We have to wait till it comes on the radio. So, I switched the car stereo from the cd player to the radio and believe it or not, Royals was playing! Okay, okay, its not that miraculous, since it is played about every other song right now. We all sang the song together in uh-hum, perfect harmony, laughing at the "you can call me green bean" part of the song.  Doug purchased the song on Itunes as soon as we got home and now Chloe has figured out how to play it continuously on the Ipad :)

She had to wear her "favorite dress" to sing her "favorite song"


  1. Cute story!! My daughter heard and sang the same lyrics!! Love it! The best part was shortly afterwards when she brought home her green bean science project...I couldn't resist writing "You can call me green bean" on the styrofoam cup!

  2. My daughter and son think the same thing!!! How funny?!